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May 31st - June 2nd

Golden Chase Weekend

Play once, win twice! Double chase cards for all pusher machines, including special game cards— up to $20 in free play if you win!

Golden Chase.png

June 7th - June 9th

Money in The Bank

Ever want something a little extra? Buy a $100 Game Card and receive a $50 bonus, all weekend long!

Money in the Bank.png

June 14th - June 16th

Father's Day
Half Off Weekend

Roll easy into the weekend or work on your perfect putt— half off 30-minute sessions of roller skating and mini golf from Friday to Sunday!

Half Off.png

June 21st - June 23rd

Highway to Fun

Race into the weekend and prove you’re the one to beat! Fastest lap competitions all weekend, from 1PM-4PM and 7PM-10PM. Cross the finish line first and win a $75 Game Card!

Highway to Fun.png
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